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أمتحان الجراحه كان ازاى...سنه خامسه 2011

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

دي اسئلة وحدة د صلاح عبدالغني وكانت كلها
t or f ودي طبعا  حسب الجروب لانه كان فيه مجموعتين بنفس الاسئلة
ولكن patientsمش زي بعض  وبالتالي الاجابات كانت مختلفة

varicose veins

there is dilated veins along the course of long saphenous vein
the marking shows blow  out
there is a scar over sapheno- femoral junction
dilated veins cross the groin
investigation of choice is duplex

2-para umbilical hernia

impulse on cough
ttt is surgical
there is swelling in rt inguinal region
is it true umbilical hernia
it is completely reducible
there is caput medusa
there is a scar over the back
there is divarication of the recti
3-neck submandibular swelling
it is submandibular
it moves with protrusion of the tongue
it is cystic
cervical LNSare swollen
consistency soft

4- thyroid gland
it is hard in consistency
there is displacement of carotid pulsation
it is deep to sternomastoid
it moves with deglutition
it shows upper pole pulsation
ttt is medical
it is attached to skin

باقى الناس يا جماعه
إيه الاخبار

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